> BOOTYSCULPT: This low intensity Booty Sculpt class is designed to leave your glutes burning and feeling instantly firmer, bigger & perkier!! Focused on upper, medium, side glutes and a sprinkle of Abs, using resistance bands and light weights. Suitable for beginners.

> TOTAL BODY SCULP: Never underestimate the power of training with your tribe! A weight training class, focused on shaping and toning the glutes, thighs, and abs. You will focus on quality compound exercises targeting key body parts for a sculpted transformation

> BURN AND TONE: Our weight training class shapes and tones your body while building strength. Using a variety of equipment and techniques, it's suitable for all fitness levels.

> LIFT AND SWEAT: A high intensity, functional class with a mix of strength & conditioning. Prepare your body to do box jumps, kettlebell swings, cycling and use the jumping rope. This fast-paced workout will test you physically and mentally

A full body workout which concentrates on strengthening the whole body specially the small muscles with an emphasis on core strength. This class helps to improve general fitness but mostly posture, balance, stability and body awareness.